Propshaft balancing.


Balancing the shaft is a very important part of the process of repair or production of the propshaft. It is very important that the shaft is balanced after replacement the universal joint or center bearing. Missing the balancing of  propshaft  issues very fast damage of new parts. We offer dynamic balancing of driveshafts up to 6 meters length and weight up to 250kg. The shafts are balanced very precisely in several rotational speed ranges. Our employees have several years of experience in balancing and servicing driveshafts. We have modern technology to guarantee the highest standard of balancing of shafts. Shaft balances on the computer balancer. Our equipment is capable of balancing in one, two, three and four correction planes simultaneously. The accuracy of the balance is 1 gram.


Driveshafts Balancing


Driveshafts Balancing

We offer services for all types of cardan shafts:

Balancing of driveshaft AUDI A6 OE: 4B0521106D, 4B0521106F

Balancing of driveshaft AUDI Q7 OE: 7L0521101D, 7L0521101F, 7L0521101H, 7L6521101H, 7L8521102F, 7L8521102M, 7L8521102C, 7L8521102G, 7L8521102L, 7L8521102S, 7L8521102T, 7L8521105A, 7L8521105F, 7L8521105J

Balancing of driveshaft BMW X3 OE: 26203401609, 26207502968, 26207525969, 26207526677, 26208605867, 26207589985, 26103402134, 26103402142

Balancing of driveshaft BMW X5 OE: 26207524371, 26207556019, 26207508629, 26107549305, 26107529661, 26107524364

Balancing of driveshaft BMW X6 OE: 26207556020, 26207597649, 26208605866

Balancing of driveshaft CHEVROLET Captiva OE: 20781756, 96624771

Balancing of driveshaft CHEVROLET Suburban OE: 15791197

Balancing of driveshaft CHEVROLET Trailblazer OE: 15152332, 15752532, 15833885

Balancing of driveshaft CHRYSLER Voyager OE: 4641094, 04641899AC, 4641095, 4660369

Balancing of driveshaft DACIA OE: 320003602R, 370002820R

Balancing of driveshaft DAIHATSU HIJET OE: 535344, 615344, 615338, 615339, 615340, 615341

Balancing of driveshaft DAIHATSU TERIOS OE: 3714087404

Balancing of driveshaft DODGE Dakota OE: 52165981AC, 5210598LAC

Balancing of driveshaft FIAT Panda OE: 46307205, 5996641, 5996642, 7541751, 7541754, 7541764, 55193595, 55197051, 55222107

Balancing of driveshaft FORD Kuga OE: 1541780, 9V4N7L190AA

Balancing of driveshaft FORD Transit OE: 8C114K145BA, 8C114K145BE, 95VB4K145GB, 2C144K145AA, 4420975, 2C144 K145AB, 3C114K145BC, 1871867, 4743292, 8C114K145AA, 8C114K145AE, 1552025, 8C164K357DD, 8C164K357DG, 8C164K357CC, 8C164K357CF, 3C114K357CC, 4743296, 2C1T4K357BA, 2C1T4K357BB, YC1W4K357WA, 4502778, 1C154K357DA, 1C1T4K357PC, YC1W4K357PC, 4078772, 98VT4K357A1A, 92VT4K357A1C, 95VT4K357A1CN, 95VT4K357A2B, 8C1T4K357FB, 8C1T4K357FF, 1755402, 3C114K357FC, 4743299, 2C144k357AA, 2C1T4K357AB, 4502744, 3C114K354KC, 3C114K354KD, 1871868, 4743300, 1C1T4K357EA, YC1W4K357TC, 4078775, 8C1T4K357EB, 8C1T4K357EF, 1747664, 3C114 K357NA, 4493551, 2C144K357CA, 4502779

Balancing of driveshaft HONDA CR-V OE: 40100S4N003,  40100SCAE010M1,  40100S9AE01, 40100SCAA01, 40100SCWA03,  40100SXSA01, 40100WAA01,  40100TOA,  40100T1EE01,  40100S10003, 40100S10A01

Balancing of driveshaft HYUNDAI Galloper OE: 49020M1210, 49010M1000

Balancing of driveshaft HYUNDAI Santa Fe OE: 4930026200,  493002B500, 4930026003,  493002B950,  49300C9100, 4930026100,  49300A1000, 4930026103, 4930026102, 4930026002

Balancing of driveshaft HYUNDAI Tucson OE: 493002S000, 493000L000, 493002E000, 493002E050, 493002E300, 493002E350, 493002S000

Balancing of driveshaft IVECO Daily OE: 5801547078, 5801711369, 5801715003, 5801714992, 5801715027, 5801681722, 5801715038

Balancing of driveshaft JEEP Cherokee OE: 53005541AB, 53005544AB, 52098208AC, 52111594AA, 52088090, 53005542AC, 8953005542, 53005542AB, 52099260

Balancing of driveshaft JEEP Cherokee Liberty OE: 52111596AB, 52111596AA, 52111591AB, 52111591AA, 52111597AA, 52853500AA

Balancing of driveshaft JEEP CJ OE: 53005545AB, 53005543AC, 53007587, 53005542AC

Balancing of driveshaft JEEP Grand Cherokee OE: 52098379, 52099498AE, 52098501,  560222389AA,  52099499AG,  52099498AB, 52111593AA, 52111593AB, 52111593AD, 52099497AE, 52099498AE, 52111593AA, 52111593AB, 52111593AD, 52099499AG, 52099497AC, 52099497AE

Balancing of driveshaft JEEP Grand Cherokee Liberty OE: 52111597AA, 52853500AA, 52115597AB

Balancing of driveshaft KIA Sorento OE: 491003E420, 491003E951, 491003E910, 491003E200, 491003E300, 491003E110, 491003E100, 491003E000, 491003E150, 491003E050

Balancing of driveshaft KIA Sportage OE: 0K01125100, 493003W000, 493002E050, 493002E300, 493002E050, 0K01825100B

Balancing of driveshaft LAND ROVER Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover OE: FRC8392, FRC8390, TVB000100, TVB000110, TVB000220, TVB000100, TVB000110, TVB000320, FRC8386, TVB500160, TVB500510, TVB000140, FRC8387, LR037027 TVB500360, LR037028 TVB500370 TVB500390, LR037028 TVB500390, TVB000090, TVB 000190, TVB000170, TVB000310 w/o viscous coupline, TVB000040, LR007035, LR008102, TVB000370, TVB500290, TVB000370 TVB500290, TVB500380

Balancing of driveshaft LEXUS GX OE: 371106A550

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 207 OE: A6014100202, A6014100102

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 208 OE: A6014101801, A6014109401, A6014109501

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 307 OE: A6114101202, A6114100402, A6114101602, A6114101902, A6114100202, A6114101002, A6114101502, A6114101802, A6114100102, A6114100902

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 309 OE: A6114105601, A6114105501

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 407 OE: A6114100517, A3094103904, A6114103601, A6114107501

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 409 OE: A3094104602, A6674100302, A3094104402, A6674100102, A6674100202, A6114100717, A6114107401, A6114100417, A6114100817, A6114101117

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 207, 307, 409 OE: A6114109601, A6114107301, A6114107301

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ 307, 407 OE: A6114101102, A6114100302

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ C-Klasse OE: A2044101300, A2044100216

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ CLS OE: A2124103216

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ E – Klasse OE: A2104103716, A2104104316, A2204107006, A2034106106, A2114106306, A2204107106

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ G-Klasse OE: A4604104004, A4634100502, A4604108604, A4634100202, A4604108704, A4634100902, A4604106004, A4604106204, A4604101418, A4634100702, A4604103604, A4634100802, A4634100106, A4604101318, A4634100102, A4604103804, A4604103804, A4604101704, A4634100602, A4604101618, A4604100218, A4604104704, A4604100618, A4634101202, A4604104604, A4604104504, A4604104304, A4604102004, A4604102218, A4634101302, A4604102118, A4634101102, A4604104904, A4604105004, A4604109804

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ ML OE: A1634100702, A1634100802, A1634100502, A1634101202, A1634100301, A1634100901, A1634100201, A1634100101

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ S-Klasse OE: A2044101801, A2044102601, A2044106701, A2214101701

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter OE: A9024100302, A9024100402, A9024100902, A9024101602, A9024100202, A9024101302, A9024101202, A9064101201, A9064103201, A9064100601, A9064103601, A9064102801, A9064101301, A9064103901, A9014103301, A9064101401, A9064104001, A9014100801, A9014102701, A9014101501, A9014101501, A9064100901, A9064103801, A9064102401, A9064102101, A9064102601, A9014100901, A9014102601, A9064100201, A9064100501, A9064101601, A9064102301, A9064103401, A9064100301, A9064101701, A9064103501, A9064104301, A9034100301, A9034101001, A9064100701, A9064103701, A9064104801, A9064102001, A9014101601, A9034100901, A9064100001, A9064101501, A9064102201, A9014102401, A9014106706, A9034100806, A9014106906, A9014100902, A9014104306, A9034100417, A9034100706, A9034102706, A9014103506, A9034102606, A9014100217, A9014101102, A9014101406, A9014103706, A9014106506, A9014105506, A9014107806, A9014101506, A9014106406, A9064100606, A9014108906, A9014105606, A9014101706, A90141055906, A9034102806, A9014101002, A9014101817, A9014104706, A9014103606, A9034102906, A9014103306, A9014103806, A9014106606, A9034102506, A9014107306, A9014104606, A9034100906, A9064108116, A9064106906, A9064101116, A9064103106, A9064100716, A9064102706, A9064107716, A9064106506, A9064106516, A9064105906, A9064101106, A9064109806, A9064105616, A9064107306, A9064100706, A9064109506, A9064109506, A9064106916, A9064108106, A9064105506, A9064100416, A9064102006, A9064107106, A9064105706, A9064103716, A9064100616, A9064102506, A9064107806, A9064107606, A9064102806, A9064105306, A9064103516, A9064101516 A9064103806, A9064101316, A9064103406, A9064101416 A9064103706, A9014101006, A9064100006, A9064109306, A9014101906, A9014107106, A9014108806, A9014108706, A9014108506, A9064100216, A9064101406, A9064101606, A9064106106, A9064107616, A9064102716, A9064107906, A9064107916, A9064100906, A9064107416, A9064109706, A9064100216, A9064100906, A9064101606, A9064102716, A9064106106, A9064107416, A9064107616, A9064107916, A9064109706, A9064102616, A9064106206, A9064107816, A9064100016, A9064102616, A9064104606, A9064104616, A9064106202, A9064107516, A9064107816, A9064107816, A9064100016, A9064101306, A9064107516, A9014104006, A9014102206, A9014107606, A9014104806, A9064106816, A9064107006, A9064101216, A9064103206, A9014102406, A9014107406, A9014108106, A9064103400, A9064105916, A9064106606, A9064106616, A9064101916, A9064104206, A9064104906, A9064100316, A9064101206, A906410906, A9064109906, A9064100316, A9064101906, A9064109906, A9064100316, A9064109906, A9064107406, A9064103200, A9064100116, A9064101816, A9064104106, A9064105716, A9064105606, A9064100516, A9064102106, A9064101716, A9064104006, A9064102316, A9064105106, A9064101016, A9064103006, A9064105806, A9064103816, A9064102906, A9064102216, A9064105006, A9064105406, A9064102816, A9064103616, А9064100306, A9064109406, A9064102116, A9064104406, A9064104406, A9064102016, A9064102116, A9064102016, A9064104306, A9064100106, A9064102016, A9064102116, A9064104406, A9064101616, A9064103906

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ Viano OE: A6394102616, A6394104906, A6394107606, A6394102801, A6394100605, A6394102002, A6394100481, A6394100581, A6394100016, A6394103116, A6394103906, A6394106006, A6394102401, A6394100405, A6394101702, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100681, A6394100281, A6394100616, A6394105506, A6394100416, A6394105306, A6394105806, A6394108506, A6394103706, A6394102301, A6394101501, A6394100305, A6394100802, A6394101602, A6394101202, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100581, A6394100181, A6394102016, A6394106106, A6394107106, A6394104006, A6394104506, A6394102401, A6394100505, A6394102102, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100581, A6394100181, A6394100116, A6394103216, A6394103516, A6394100716, A6394105606, A6394105406, A6394102516, A6394104806, A6394107506, A6394102701, A6394100505, A6394101302, A6394100481, A6394100681, A6394106806, A6394101816

Balancing of driveshaft MERCEDES-BENZ Vito OE: A6393370010, A6393370310, A6394103201, A6394108606, A6394102316, A6394104606, A6394107306, A6394102501, A6394100605, A6394101302, A6394100481, A6394100681, A4474100600, A4474100200, A6394108706, A6394108406, A6394103406, A6394102001, A6394101201, A6394100205, A6394100702, A6394101502, A6394101102, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100681, A6394100281, A6394101716, A6394106706, A6394100816, A6394105706, A6394109406, A6394103606, A6394102201, A6394101401, A6394100005, A6394100502, A6394101302, A6394100902, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100681, A6394100281, A6394107706, A6394101916, A6394107006, A6394102116, A6394107206, A6394102600, A6394103906, A6394103906, A6394104706, A6394107406, A6394102601, A6394100505, A6394101902, A6394100481, A6394100581, A6394103416, A6394103206, A6394101801, A6394101001, A6394100005, A6394100502, A6394101302, A6394100902, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100681, A6394100281, A6394103006, A6394101601, A6394100801, A6394100005, A6394100502, A6394101302, A6394100902, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100681, A6394100281, A4474100800, A4474100700, A4474100300, A6394103506, A6394102101, A6394101301, A6394100105, A6394100602, A6394101402, A6394101002, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100581, A6394100181, A4474100400, A6394103306, A6394101901, A6394101101, A6394100105, A6394100602, A6394101402, A6394101002, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100581, A6394100181, A6394101616, A6394106606, A6394103106, A6394101701, A6394100901, A6394100105, A6394100602, A6394101402, A6394101002, A6394100481, A6394100081, A6394100581, A6394100181

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Navara OE: 370009X608, 37000EB32C, 37000EB30C, 373003X30B, 373003X31A, 373003X33C, 373003X30C

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Navara Pathfinder OE: 372007S110 37200EB300 37200DY235 37200IB300

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Navara Terrano OE: 37300VK300, 372002X800, 372007F001

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Pathfinder OE: 37000EB510, 37300EB30A, 37000MA510, 37000MA900, 37000MA51A, 37000MA513

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Patrol OE: 37200C9410

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN QASHQAI OE: 37000BR52A, 37000EY10A, 37000EY10B 37000EY20A, 37000EY20B, 37000BR50B, 37000BR51A, 37000JD000, 37000BR52A, 37000JD200

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Serena Terrano OE: 373000F600, 373002X920, 373007F003, 373002X910, 373007F003

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN Terrano OE: 373002X900, 373007F603, 373000F600, 373002X920, 373002X800, 373007F602, 373002X910, 373007F003, 373000F000, 373002X960, 373002X810

Balancing of driveshaft NISSAN X-Trail OE: 370008H310 370008H510, 37000JG70A, 37000JGA70A, 370009V30BCA

Balancing of driveshaft OPEL Antara OE: 0446073

Balancing of driveshaft OPEL Frontera OE: 8971253001, 446027, 91147765

Balancing of driveshaft PORSCHE Cayenne OE: 95542102013, 95542102015, 95542102003

Balancing of driveshaft RENAULT Kangoo Rapid OE: 8200149811, 8200149811

Balancing of driveshaft RENAULT Scenic OE: 7711135224, 8200058705

Balancing of driveshaft TOYOTA Highlander OE: 3710048020, 3710048030

Balancing of driveshaft TOYOTA HIJET OE: 3077231004F006

Balancing of driveshaft TOYOTA Hilux OE: 3714035030, 3714035071

Balancing of driveshaft TOYOTA Land Cruiser OE: 371106A550, 3714060380, 3714035190, 3714035030

Balancing of driveshaft TOYOTA RAV 4 OE: 3710042090, 3710042060

Balancing of driveshaft VOLVO  OE: P30783365, P31256426

Balancing of driveshaft VW Amarok OE: 2H0521102AR, 2H0521102AF, 2H0521102AS, 2H0521102N, 2H0521102AT

Balancing of driveshaft VW Crafter OE: 2E0521163D, 2EO521099A, 2D0521107N, 2D0521101AR, 2D0521101N, 2EO521293F, 2EO521163AC, 2EO521101BC, 2EO521101BL, 2EO521163AG, 2EO521101BJ, 2EO521293C, 2EO521101AQ, 2E0521293AD, 2E0521293AE, D647, 2EO521101J 2EO5211163P, 2E0521101BE, 2E0521163AA, 2E0521101BE, 2E0521163R, 2E0521293A, 2E0521293A, 2E0521293M, 2E0521163T, 2E0521293M, 2E0521163Q, 2E0521293, 2EO521163AF, 2EO52129 3G, 2D0521101AF, 2D0521101AM, 2D0521101AM, 2EO521163AD, 2E0521101BD, 2E0521293H, 2E0521101S, 2EO521293B, 2EO521293AB, 2EO521101BM, 2EO521293L, 2EO521101AT, 2E0521101AN, 2E0521293Q, 2E0521101M, 2E0521293E, 2EO521101BB, 2E0521101CD, 2EO521293D, 2E0521293P, 2E0521101AR, 2EO521101BQ, 2E0521101CB, 2E0521293T, 2E0521293N, 2E1521293, 2E0521101AL, 2E0521293N, 2E1521293, 2E0521101AK, 2E0521293N, 2E0521101AB, 2E0521293J, 2E0521099, 2E0521099B, 2E0521099D, 2E0521101C, 2E0521101T, 2E0521292A, 2EO521101R, 2EO521292, 2E0521101R, 2E0521163E

Balancing of driveshaft VW LT OE: 295521101NX, 295521101AX, 295521101X, 295521101KX, 295521101LX, 291521101FX, 285521101X, 291521203, 285521101AX, 285521101BX, 2D0521107F

Balancing of driveshaft VW T4 OE: 7D0521109, 7D0521103, 7D0521102A

Balancing of driveshaft VW T5 OE: 7H3521102A, 7E3521102F, 7H1521102A, 7H1521103B, 7H0521101

Balancing of driveshaft VW Tiguan OE: 5N7521101, 5N0521101 5N0521101J 5N0521101E

Balancing of driveshaft VW Touareg OE: 7P0521102P, 7P0521102R, 7L0521102B, 7L0521102D, 7L0521102G, 7L0521102H, 7L0521102J, 7L0521102M, 7L0521102N, 7L0521102P, 7L052102R, 7L6521102G, 7L6521102J, 7L6521102M, 7L6521102P, 7L6521102R, 7L6521107B, 7L6521102C, 7L6521102D, 7L6521102E 7L6521102F, 7L6521102H, 7L6521102N, 7L6521102Q, 7L6521101C, 7L6521101E, 7L6521101G, 7L6521101L, 7L6521101N, 7L0521101A, 7L0521101B, 7L052101C, 7L0521101D, 7L0521101F, 7L0521101H, 7L6521101D

Balancing of driveshaft Mercedes 4Matic: A2044106801, A2044102401, A2044106806, A2044106901, A2044107106, A2044106701, A2044107706, A2044105906, A2194100506, A2194100406, A2044102401, A2044105306, A2044101406, A2044106701, A2044106901, A2044107001, A2034107606, A2034105706, A2034108606, A2034105406, A2034100816, A2034105306, A2034105106, A2034100916, A2034103806, A2034100706, A2034101106, A2034106106, A2034105406, A2084100306, A2084100106, A2514100701, A2514100601, A2074100506, A2104101916, A2104103916, A2104104606, A2104103006, A2104109106, A2104109306, A2104106706, A2104100716, A2214109906, A2214101801, A2214102806, A2104108006, A2104104006, A2104107006, A2104105006, A2214108206, A2214103816, A2114105606, A2114104706, A2114104106, A2114100306, A2114109306, A2114107706, A2114102306, A2114102216, A2114108906, A2114107906, A2114107106, A2114108906, A2114100406, A2204107006, A4634100502, A1704100906, A1244108206, A2094100606, A2094100406, A2094100606, A9014101501, A9034100801, A2024102206, A2024100616, A2204101206, A1664100001, A2124102016, A2124107406, A2124101816, A2124100616, A2124102316, A2124107106, A2054100502, A2534103401, A2534101101, A2164100606, A2514102502, A2074100506, A1764100100, A2054108801, A2054100302, A2464100000, A4474100600, A4474100200.

Balancing of driveshaft VOLVO XC90, XC60, S80, S60, S90, XC70, S60: 258750, 272204, 1023742, 6821148, 6901343, 8251731, 8636364, 8689886, 8689915, 9143907, 9163909, 9183945, 9480702, 30651997, 30681235, 30711838, 30713273, 30713363, 30713371, 30759971, 30783345, 30787840, 31112202, 31256000, 31256001, 31256270, 31256271, 31256272, 31259593, 31367159, 31367450, 31367459, 31367506, 31367625, 31367992, 31437416, 31437418, 31437611, 31437614, 4046368505, 5114100306, 5114101606, 6G9N-7L190-GC, 8G9N7L190AA, 8G9N-7L190-CA, 8G9N7L190DB, B5244S2, P30783345, P30787840, P31259593.

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